Obstetrics and gynaecology are twin sisters and while obstetrics deals with pregnancy and childbirth, gynaecology contemplates and addresses the conditions affecting the reproductive system of women. One naturally connects to the other.

These constitute a major dimension of our practice. Over the years, our obstetricians and midwives have progressively transformed and redefined this arm of patient experience.


There are three antenatal days in the week because of the demand of pressure. Responding to the needs of the mothers, the antenatal experience is a journey through a carefully selected set of health and wellness interactive education that leaves our mothers psychologically motivated and prepared, physically and emotionally to face the challenges of perinatal care and approach the myth of labour with the right psychology.

We have demystified labour. In the place of labour room, we have favour room. Our mothers have the option of converting the process of child birth into a picnic experience of fun with the euphoria of epidural anaesthesia that translates pain into pleasure.

Antenatal visits are conducted by tested and trusted midwives and doctors overseen by our ubiquitous obstetricians who are on surveillance 24/7. The professionalism, environmental ambience, friendship and the relationship built into the sessions, make it always, a memorable experience.

The expertise, experience and competence of the team prepare them to manage pregnancy related conditions and labour with the highest level of professionalism guided by best practice norms and global trends. Compassion is in the midst of all that we do.

Labour is actively monitored at all times to arrive at any of the following: Normal delivery, assisted delivery or as may be decided by best judgment, interventional delivery


Our team of resident and visiting gynaecologists are deliberately committed to women’s health. Over the years, experience has shown that in women of child bearing age, the commonest presentation with which they come with the deepest concerns is that of difficulty in achieving pregnancy.

Moved by the compassion of the physical emotions of couples passing through the phase of childlessness, we stepped up our spectrum of care to include assisted fertility services. This level of care took us beyond  the boundaries of the limitations  of human practical skill. Technology made the difference..

By this practice, couples who would otherwise have ended up barren, have been assisted to have babies.

We are totally committed to the provision of excellent medical services
applying environmentally friendly techniques, operating in clean, standard,
safe and secure locations.


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