Digital X-RAY in Operation


The world is getting smaller in functional size as made possible by technology. The imaging and radiological department provide very essential services critical to the overall care of the patient.

The medical world has moved from printing and carrying large size X-Ray films to weightless, intangible soft copies transmitted online, real time. We have met this standard with our digital radiological facilities. Here,  X-Ray images are automatically lunched into the email address or Whatsapp page of the patient and or his or her doctor in the shortest time imaginable.

Ultrasound scanning has made the practice in virtually 80% of the cases as witnessed with internal medicine obstetrics and gynaecology, aspects of surgery, paediatric care, etc more seamless and precise.  Our facility is equipped with the latest model of 3-Dimensional ultrasound scan technology to offer the best of care the way the advanced world does

Digital Mammography

Mammography, a special imaging technique that examines the breasts is also available as a digital intervention. Breast masses are readily established. The procedure constitutes one of the cardinal routine health check imperatives for women above 40 years.

Digital Mammography in Operation

We are totally committed to the provision of excellent medical services
applying environmentally friendly techniques, operating in clean, standard,
safe and secure locations.


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